The King’s Trail


The King’s Trail

Ontdek jouw Holy Grail van StorytellingDiscover your Holy Grail of Storytelling

The King’s Trail

Ontdek jouw Holy Grail van StorytellingDiscover your Holy Grail of Storytelling

The King’s Trail

Ontdek jouw Holy Grail van StorytellingDiscover your Holy Grail of Storytelling

The King’s Trail

Ontdek jouw Holy Grail van StorytellingDiscover your Holy Grail of Storytelling
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Every great leader has a story. Full of purpose, challenge and strive, with a mission to fight for and (figuratively) die for. A leadership story that inspires and mobilises people, brings about change, and shifts stuck situations into gear. What's your story? Discover it during this 5-day masterclass in Portugal!

In this trail, we will search for the Holy Grail of Storytelling. We follow Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal. A remarkable ruler who fought to break away from Spain in the 12th century to establish his own kingdom. Along the way, he made several leadership decisions that are still talked about today.

In the mistakes and successes of the past lie important lessons that can be transformed into a modern storytelling strategy for your vision and mission. And that is precisely what we will do during this Masterclass Strategic Storytelling..

In an inspiring historical setting, we will break away from the daily grind and immerse ourselves in leadership stories. We will visit historical sites and participate in workshops where you will learn to recognize the elements of a good leadership story and apply them to your own practice.

Anyone who has to mobilise people, not by telling them what to do but why it's necessary.

  • Business professionals
  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • CEOs
  • Directors/shareholders
  • (Advisary) board members
  • Strategic storytelling – how to use your story to achieve strategic goals.
  • Structure – how you build your leadership story.
  • Presentation – how to present your leadership story truthfully and with impact.
  • Activation – how you turn your leadership story into your audience's mission.
  • Cultivation – how to cultivate your story in your organisation, communication and portfolio.

You will leave this trail with a clear idea of your own leadership theme and story, along with tools for implementation and activation.

The programme offers enough space to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Every morning there is the opportunity to participate in morning yoga or tai chi, and every evening ends with storytelling. The stay is fully catered for with special snacks and drinks.

The spot
You will stay in the eco-luxury FeelViana hotel, near Viana do Castelo, about 60 km north of Porto. The hotel is situated at the Praia do Cabedelo bay, a hotspot for kite surfers. Of course you can use all facilities such as the swimming pool, fitness and wellness center. We will also gauge the interest among participants in taking additional activities, such as surfing lessons, yoga or tai chi, so that we can incorporate this into the program.

The surroundings
From the hotel you can drive to the town of Viana do Castelo in a few minutes, on the other side of the Lima River. You cross the river via a bridge built by Eiffel (yes, the one from that tower). The beautiful historic center is reminiscent of Porto, but without the tourist crowds. The literal highlight of Viana is Santa Luzia, a basilica with a beautiful view of Praia do Cabedelo and your hotel. Of course we will ensure that you do not miss any of these and other hotspots.

The region
Viana do Castelo is located in the Minho region, named after the border river between Portugal and Spain. It is a rugged landscape with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and mountains, forests and waterfalls on the other. You can eat fantastic fish and grilled dishes, visit historical sites, meet special people and hear great stories. The coast is called the Costa Verde, or the green coast. Not without reason, because it can be pleasantly warm here or rain mercilessly. So no weather guarantees, but it is a beautiful area to get to know.
Should you want to extend your stay and explore the area, please let us know. You have the option to book additional days with a discount.

Annemieke Rhee
Annemieke Rhee is a dedicated trainer, coach and speaker with a background as a speech therapist and voice coach. Her passion for voice, presentation and communication has helped many top managers and leaders achieve their goals. Her energetic style makes every session engaging and effective.

Peter van Akkeren
Besides being a conceptual and structural thinker, Peter is a seasoned storyteller who has positioned many brands. He will help you find and tell your unique story. Moreover, Peter is at home in the region where the trail takes place and he is happy to show you around.


  • 5 day Masterclass
  • your stay, meals and snacks
  • excursies
  • morning yoga or Tai Chi (optional)
  • training materials
  • shuttle service

Not included

  • airline tickets
  • drinks and snacks outside the regular offering
  • possible extension of your stay

You can book here straight away!

Should you want to change or cancel your booking at a later stage, you can arrange that here. Please note: if you do this just before the training, some costs may apply. Are there special circumstances for your cancellation? Please contact us.

  • Locatiekosten: 1400
  • Kosten per deelnemer (bijv. catering, materialen): 900
  • Overige extra kosten: 1000
  • Minimum boekingen: 6



Day 1
Flight to Porto and arrival at your hotel. Here, you will meet your fellow travelers on this trail and exchange stories in an inspiring setting while enjoying Northern Portuguese specialties. You will also receive your mindset for the week and the assignment to present your own leadership story on day 4.


Day 2
In the morning, you'll gather inspiration with a visit to a historical city. In a beautiful medieval setting, you'll learn about the story of Afonso Henriques I, the first king of Portugal. In the afternoon, you'll use the structure of his story to outline your own. In between, you'll enjoy a fantastic lunch in the oldest city in Portugal.


Day 3
On this day, you will learn presentation techniques to make your story resonate with your audience. You can reflect on your content and technique during a walk in the surrounding area, a wellness session at the hotel, or a surf lesson on the nearby beach. In the evening, we will dine in a nearby historical town and listen to local stories.


Day 4
Today is D-Day for your own leadership story. You will finalize the content, present it to others, and learn from the feedback you receive. From this, you will distill the direction for your own leadership theme and story, and derive tools for implementation and activation.

The future

Day 5
This is the day of farewell and evaluation, but also of looking forward to the future. With which roadmap will you leave the trail? What goals do you want to achieve? How will you continue on your path? We will document everything and keep what you've learned alive. In the afternoon, you will check out and head to the airport ... unless you decide to stay in Portugal for a few more days to enjoy it further, of course ;-)

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The King's Trail
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