Annemieke Rhee

Annemieke Rhee is a dedicated trainer, coach and speaker with a background as a speech therapist and voice coach. Her passion for voice, presentation and communication has helped many politicians, directors and top managers achieve their goals.

What makes Annemieke special is her personal approach. Her energetic and enthusiastic style, combined with professionalism and humor, makes every session interesting and effective. Whether you want to improve your presentation skills or maximise your vocal impact, Annemieke is here to help.

Her hands-on approach, which combines knowledge, practice and inspiration, makes her a valuable partner for anyone who wants to improve their own communication skills. She draws on speech therapy, theater exercises and the latest insights from neuropsychology and communication science to provide a solid foundation of knowledge.

Annemieke's sessions strengthen self-confidence and capabilities, and create an enjoyable, interactive learning environment that participants will remember for a long time. Her passion and expertise have helped thousands of people, including politicians, top executives, doctors, teachers, managers and other professionals who work with their voice every day.

July 2024
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