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Action is reaction. This also applies to the chemistry between people. Successfully interacting and getting people on board with your ideas starts with understanding where the other person stands. This training based on the Leary's Rose model helps you take the right action and get the desired reaction.

This training helps you elevate your interaction skills to a higher level as a professional. You will learn how to influence and engage people in a harmonious way. The Leary's Rose model, combined with the right voice and posture techniques, provides you with the keys to understanding and mastering the complex world of human interaction.

During this day, you will learn that you have more influence over your own thinking and communication than you might believe. This provides even more insight and confidence in the conversations you have.

This training is intended for anyone who wants to get people on board with plans, actions, or ideas:

  • CEOs
  • board members
  • policy makers
  • teachers
  • (business) professionals

You will learn to influence and improve the dynamics between people. With the insights from the Leary's Rose model, the right posture, and voice usage, you will transform professional and personal interactions, reaching a new standard in communication:

  • know, understand, and apply Leary's Rose model
  • influence effectively
  • consciously choose effective behaviour in a conversation
  • acceptance of, and support for, your ideas from others

During this training, we deep-dive into three essential domains:

  • Knowledge - understand how thought processes influence interactions.
  • Feeling - develop your ability to recognize and manage emotions.
  • Behaviour - learn techniques for effective and purposeful communication.

These three pillars are crucial for refining your skills in human interaction and enhancing your ability to share this knowledge with others.

This training also has a positive impact both professionally and personally. The program includes ample free time to accommodate wishes and questions. It is a tailor-made programme.

Annemieke Rhee
Annemieke Rhee is a dedicated trainer, coach and speaker with a background as a speech therapist and voice coach. Her passion for voice, presentation and communication has helped many top managers and leaders achieve their goals. Her energetic style makes every session engaging and effective.


  • the training
  • location and catering
  • training materials

Not included

  • transportation from/to the location

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  • Locatiekosten: 500
  • Minimum boekingen: 5

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29 Aug 2024


09:30 - 16:30




Ernst Sillem Hoeve
Soestdijkerweg 11 B 3734MH Den Dolder
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