Peter van Akkeren

Besides being a conceptual and structural thinker, Peter is a seasoned storyteller who has written many large and small brand stories. He will help you find and tell your unique story — a leadership story that inspires people, brings about change, and turns entrenched situations around.

Having started as an editor, reporter, and newsreader at ANP, NOS, and NCRV radio, he transitioned to creative and strategic writing. He has worked as a brand builder for the likes of BNR News Radio, FD, KPN, Interpolis, Schiphol, KWF Cancer Foundation, and the Brain Foundation. From that experience, he has developed various models that bridge the gap between vision and practice.

Peter is driven by the desire to innovate and improve through storytelling, visualizing, inspiring, and structuring. He works from Portugal, is a trusted voice-over for radio/TV commercials and (corporate) films, and is eager to help you find your unique story and convey it to others in an inspiring way.

July 2024
September 2024
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