Energy Trail


Energy Trail

Discover your road to changeDiscover your road to change

Energy Trail

Discover your road to changeDiscover your road to change

Energy Trail

Discover your road to changeDiscover your road to change

Energy Trail

Discover your road to changeDiscover your road to change
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As a forward looking human being, you want to make a difference. For yourself, your business, for the market, and the world around you. But in daily practice, there is usually little time for reflection. That's why we organize the Discovery Trail, where you break free from the daily grind, gain new insights, and can spar with like-minded individuals. A journey full of inspiration, depth, and connection. With at the end: your personal roadmap to change. Does your breakthrough start on the Discovery Trail? Discover it now.

If you always stay within your own square meter, you'll never grow larger than yourself. To grow, you must connect with other people, places, and experiences. This way, you gain new insights that enable you to make a difference. Impulses to take steps forward. And starting points to actually make it happen.

  • CEOs
  • Directors/shareholders
  • (Advisary) board members
  • Decision makers
  • Independent workers
  • Change makers

In other words, anyone who wants to get moving, of mobilise others in order to make a difference together.

Peter van Akkeren
Peter is the moderator of the trail. He encourages the exchange of ideas, provides thought directions, and helps to collectively reach insights. Peter has extensive experience in breakthrough thinking for numerous organisations.

Exclusively at A-locations. Everything during this trail is excellently taken care of, so you can fully focus your attention on inspiration and connection.

  • plane ticket Amsterdam – Porto v.v.
  • stay at an A location
  • All meals, snacks, and regular drinks.
  • All transfers and access fees
  • extra food and drinks
  • going out independently.
  • extending your stay
  • ticket change by own initiative

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Day 1: the encounter

Arrival and introduction. We'll meet you at the airport and take you to your own space at a beautiful location.
Once you've settled in, you'll get to know the other participants and receive your assignment: enjoying the trail while creating your personal roadmap for change. The first contacts are made, and initial impressions are shared.
Of course, there is plenty of time in between for meals, drinks, and relaxation.

Day 2: the inspiration

Project visit
In the morning, we visit an inspiring project. We'll hear the story behind it, the journey from dream to reality, and the challenges that were overcome along the way.
After a generous lunch break, we return to our location. There, an engaging overview of the possible steps for change on your roadmap awaits us. We'll then share our ideals, the barriers that currently hold us back, and the steps we actually want to take.
Dinner and relaxation
In the evening, there's a delicious meal and relaxation at the venue.

Day 3: the space

Today is all about physical activity: a hike, biking, or surfing lesson. This helps to clear your mind completely, allowing space for new ideas to emerge.
Back at the venue, you'll notice that the impressions from the past few days start to find their place, people connect with each other, solutions emerge for problems, and barriers are overcome. This way, you help each other to get a clear view on your personal route to change.
Eating out
At the end of the day, we'll visit the nearby city and dine at a special place.

Day 4: the route

Your own roadmap
On the final day of the Trail, each participant presents their personal roadmap to the others: what change steps are you going to take, how will you involve others in this process, what ideas, insights, and contacts are you taking home? The feedback from others provides you with that extra bit of sharpness.
A living memory
To keep the memory of this special journey alive, and to keep the daily grind at bay, each participant will receive a personal keepsake.
New adventure
After a farewell lunch, we head to the airport, which marks the end of the trail, but also the beginning of a new adventure.

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07-10-2024 - 10-10-2024
08-10-2024 - 11-10-2024
09-10-2024 - 12-10-2024
10-10-2024 - 13-10-2024
11-10-2024 - 14-10-2024
12-10-2024 - 15-10-2024
13-10-2024 - 16-10-2024
14-10-2024 - 17-10-2024
15-10-2024 - 18-10-2024
16-10-2024 - 19-10-2024
17-10-2024 - 20-10-2024
18-10-2024 - 21-10-2024
19-10-2024 - 22-10-2024
20-10-2024 - 23-10-2024
21-10-2024 - 24-10-2024
22-10-2024 - 25-10-2024
23-10-2024 - 26-10-2024
24-10-2024 - 27-10-2024
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07 - 10 Oct 2024


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